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on March 24, 2007 at 5:02:09 pm
<img src="http://wearethemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/vlogweek07banner.gif" />

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   <h2><center>You Are Cordially Invited To</center></h2>

   <h1><center><strong>Videoblogging Week 2007<br />


   <h2><center>A participatory videoblogging event<br />

   <p>for everyone</p>


   <p> </p>


   <p><strong>April 1st - 7th</strong></p>

   <h3> </h3>


   <strong>Participating videobloggers post a new video to their blog based on a common theme every day for a week.</strong><br />

   <p> </p>

   <p>Videoblogging week started in 2004 with less than ten videobloggers as a participatory way to raise awareness of videoblogging and welcome new videobloggers. In 2005 and 2006 it grew to include hundreds of videobloggers. In 2007 we hope tousands.</p>

   <p> </p>

   <p>Every year videoblogging week is based on a theme. For example in 2006, it was "vlogging dangerously". There have been several themes proposed this year such as the "seven deadly sins" for seven days. Past single day themes have included "I love" and "anarchy".</p>

   <p> </p>

   <p>Please join the [http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/videoblogging/ yahoo videoblogging group] to participate in the discussion and find out the latest information.</p>

   <p> </p>


   <strong>All you need is a camera and a blog. Anyone can participate.<br />


   <h3> </h3>


   <p><strong>A Videoblog near you</strong>.</p>

   <p> </p>


   <p><strong>To participate post videos to your blog and tag them "videobloggingweek2007".</strong></p>

   <p> </p>


   <strong>Videoblogging week is tracked by various sites including mefeedia.com, blip.tv, dabble.com, and technorati.com as well as events on associated site like flickr.com and SpinExpress. (links forthcoming, feel free to add)</strong><br />

   <p> </p>

   <h3>Past videoblogging week events?</h3>

   <p><strong>If you have info on past videoblogging events feel free to add it below</strong>.</p>

   <p> </p>

   <h3>Who's saying what about videoblogging week 2007?</h3>

   <p><strong>If you've blogged information about videoblogging week quote it and link to your blog post below.</strong></p>

   <p> </p>

   <p>To help edit this wiki either email me at videobloggingweek@mmeiser.com or come visit the yahoo videoblogging group for the password.</p>


   <td width="400" valign="top" align="left" style="background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);">

   <h3>Promote it!</h3>

   <p> </p>

   <p>You are encouraged to help promote videoblogging week by making their own videos and banners and sharing them on their blogs. Here are a few banners from the awesome Josh Leo to get you started.</p>

   <p> </p>

   <p><img src="http://www.momentshowing.net/momentshowing/images/vlogweek07banner.jpg" /></p>

   <p> </p>

   <p> </p>

   <img width="302" height="283" src="http://wearethemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/vlogweek07logo.gif" />

   <p> </p>

   <p><strong><br />







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